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Starke & Co. Pvt Ltd, our founder company was incorporated in 1938 withStarke Aquacare Technologies - About Us 001 the vision to become one of the largest mineral producers in the country. The founders set on their conquest to utilize the finest geological resources to offer stones that bespoke supreme quality.
Starke Aquacare Technologies was instituted in 2005 with the objective of providing Filtration Media to Water Treatment Industry. We manufacture and supply various types of minerals for filter media such as sand, gravel, iron removal media, zeolite, walnut shell grit,  manganese dioxide, activated carbon, garnet, and anthracite.

Incorporating the ethos and ideology of our parent company, we ensure the utilization of only the premium resources for the production of water that is healthy and fit for use.

In the industry, we are regarded as an exclusive brand that not only procures and processes the best materials but adheres to stringent quality measures and Industry standards.

Our years of experience and a robust network enables us to meet our client requirements in a cost-effective manner. We relentlessly strive to become quality partners in delivering reliable products and offering the best value to our clients.

Starke Aquacare TechnologiesWe are a team of dedicated and highly engaged individuals with years of experience and certifications in the areas of our core competence. All our staff undergoes regular training to be up-to-date with technological changes. Our people are the driving force behind our world-class products and customer service.

We are fortunate to have a diverse portfolio of clients and have facilitated many organizations in the public and private sectors to achieve their water treatment objectives. Such is the utility of our services that the filter materials have found their way in the field of ceramics, glass, foundry, sports, construction and, abrasive Industries among many. We are humbled by the trust bestowed by clients in our brand and endeavor to improve continuously.

We believe it’s imperative to give back to the community for its unconditional support, we do our bit by promoting water safety and public health through our various products.

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Industries We Serve

Water Treatment Plants


Swimming Pools







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Our USPs

Custom-Made Filter Media

We specialize in the production of custom-made filter media for specialty applications that require precision in shape, size and other physical properties.

Versatile Application of Filter Media

Our filter media have versatile application; they are perfect for retrofit filter media for mobile equipment, building water treatment or Metro Water Reclamation Plants.

Quality Control

We adhere to the highest standards of quality and meticulously abide by all the applicable standards and statutory regulations in the industry.

Chemical-Free Water Treatment

All the filter media produced by Starke Aquacare Technologies consists of inert elements that facilitate chemical-free water treatment. With our products, organizations can earn LEED certification points and fosters compliance with the ASHRAE Standard 188.

Technical Support & Consultation

We have standby technical personnel who can work with your organization to recommend the perfect media for commercial or industrial water treatment solution. We also provide support and consultancy services for various applications to help our clients achieve their corporate water treatment objective.

Customized Print & Packaging

We understand that every client has different expectations and here at Stare Filter Media, we customize our print & packaging as per the client’s requirement. Our custom packaging sizes include.


At stark, we understand that accreditations are the hallmark of Quality and Integrity. They are a medium to demonstrate our professionalism and commitment toward our work. Over the years of our existence, we have received various international certifications and accreditations. Here’s a list of these –

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Our Clients

We have helped many organizations in public and private sectors achieve their water treatment objectives. Some of the clients we are working with include.