Iron Removal Media

Manganese Dioxide

Iron impurity is water is not uncommon in water supplies and storage. Even a small amount of iron in water can lead to several concerns like corrosion of pipes, odor in water, bad taste in food, and adverse effects on health.

Manganese dioxide is an excellent filter media that frees the water from iron contamination.

Iron Removal Media

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Manganese Dioxide (MnO2)

MnO2 iron removal media is used to for the removal of soluble iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from well water supplies.

It also has the capacity to remove radium and arsenic. Naturally occurring manganese dioxide is upgraded, washed, cleaned and is produced in different sizes for use in water treatment.

MnO2 sand requires only partial replacement with no chemical dosing and no monitoring.

Removal of iron up to 10 ppm.

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Manganese Dioxide Filter Media is available in all the sizes you may need. The packaging comes in 25 kg bags and 50 kg bags.