Silica Sand Filter Media

Silica Sand

Silica Sand or Filter Sand that we produce proves to be highly effective filter media as it has the ability to hold back precipitates that contain impurities. It is used to filter and clean the portable water filters, to clean the pool filters and for sewage treatment too.

The most important characteristics of Silica Sand that ensure proper filtering are the size, angularity and the hardness. Our products meet the NSF/ANSI standard 61 for Drinking Water System Components and the AWWA Standard B100-01 too.

We extract the raw material for the Silica Sand that we make from high-quality quarries with SIO2 more than 96.7%. The products are processed in our screening plant. We make sure that the product is stable in long run.

Silica Sand Manufacturer

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As leading producers and suppliers of water filtration media for over 70 years, we are highly experienced to assist you with expert technical support. Our competitive pricing and on-time freight delivery make us stand apart in the market. Our filter media meets or exceeds IS, AWWA BW100, NSF/ANSI 61, DIN EN 12904 standards.

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Why is Silica Sand a good filtration media?

Silica is natural filtration grade sand, which comes in sub-angular to a rounded shape. This makes Silica an ideal filtration media to capture suspended solids in water. The sand is highly durable and hardwearing as it contains a good amount of Silica content. This property also allows it to be precisely graded for efficient filtering.

How is it used?

Four grades of silica sand are used for water filtration, these are 6/14, 8/16, 14/25 and 16/30. In the filter vessel, Silica sand is laid on top of the supporting layer of gravel. The water coming in enters the filter and migrates through the Silica Sand. This removes any solids or debris from the water.

Applications of Silica Sand

Because of its unique properties, silica sand is used for water filtration in a wide variety of applications including portable and wastewater treatment, swimming and leisure, brewing, paper processing, chemical processes and power generation.

The types of filters that use Silica Sand as filter media are:

  • Pressure Filters
  • Rapid Gravity Filters
  • Slow Sand Filters

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Starke Silica Sand Filter Media comes in different packaging sizes to meet the diverse needs of our clients. The packaging is available in 25 kg bags, 50 kg bags, 1000 kg super sacks and with an assurance of timely delivery.