Quartz Sand Filter Media

Quartz Sand

Quartz Sand is a natural mineral mainly composed of silica. It is washed, sieved, dried, screened and bagged to be used for filtration purposes. It is neutral, slightly angular and has a clear to milky white colour. Considered as a good filter media, industries use it majorly for monitoring and extraction wells in order to retain most of the formation material and to maximise hydraulic response.

The formation of Quartz Sand is hard, wear resistant and it has stable chemical properties of silicate mineral with the main component SiO2. It comes with hardness 7, no cleavage, conchoidal fracture, oil sheen and the relative density of 2.65. With an obvious anisotropy, it does not dissolve in acid, but is slightly soluble in KOH solution. Its melting point is 1750 ℃.

Quartz Sand Manufacturer

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Starke Filter Media is a leading manufacturer for Quartz Sand Filter Media. To get the same day quote.

If you are looking for any technical support or have any questions regarding Quartz Sand Filter Media, our expert team is always there to help. We undertake all types of projects irrespective of the size and assure you of a competitive price and in-time delivery. Our filter media meets or exceeds IS, AWWA BW100, NSF/ANSI 61, DIN EN 12904 standards.

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Why choose Starke Quartz Filter Media Sand

At Starke, we believe in utmost quality. For over eight decades, we are one of the leading manufacturers of
filtration media in India. We supply filter sand and gravels for all kinds of domestic as well as industrial filtration purposes.

When manufacturing Quartz Sand, we select a better screen slot size to retain about 90% of the filter media itself. We make sure that the filter media is well sorted to assure good porosity and hydraulic conductivity near the screen. We also ensure that our quality product must have uniformity coefficient of approximately 1.5 and is made from predominantly silica.

Our Quartz Sand is washed, dried, sieved, and having minimum 98 %  silica content.

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Starke Quartz Sand Filter Media can be provided in the sizes you need. Packaging is available in 25 kg bags, 50 kg bags, 1000 kg jumbo bags and is consistently delivered on time.