Water Filtration Gravels


The characteristic of filter gravel to separate precipitated impurities makes it a highly efficacious filter media. Although it does not directly work as a filter, it is used as a supporting layer over the underdrain.

The effectiveness of filter gravel to support the filter media depends on its gradation, hardness, shape and size for specific purposes.

Gravels are generally extracted from clean glacial deposits and are then washed, dried and screened.

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Why select Starke Water Filtration Gravels

For over eight decades, we are one of the leading manufacturers of water filtration gravels in India. We supply gravels for all kinds of domestic as well as industrial filtration purposes.
To ensure the highest standard and consistent quality of gravels, we perform a quality check on them at each stage of the value chain – right from production to freight delivery. Multiple washes free them up from all impurities like clay, shale etc. We also shape them into different standard sizes to meet all quality parameters.

Our high-grade gravels are hard and rounded to allow the required flow and distribution of water in support beds for proper filtration. Therefore, they are able to maintain the quality of water after treatment.

We understand that your gravel requirements are unique to your business objectives. That is why we provide customized gravels in different sizes customized to your specifications.

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We cater to all types of water filtration gravel requirements and accept orders for your specific gravel requirements. Packaging is available in 25 kg bags, 50 kg bags, 1000 kg super sacks.