Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina

Activated alumina is highly porous and acquires a large surface area despite being a light-weight material. It is an aluminum oxide which is hard, difficult to crush material with durability.

This enables it to absorb a significant amount of contaminants from the water like fluoride, arsenic, and selenium. Also, because of its adsorbing characteristic, it binds with contaminants without changing its form and prevents them from getting released back after disposal.

When it comes to removing fluoride impurities from water, there is hardly anything more effective than activated alumina. This ability makes it an actively used water treatment filter for industrial applications as well as household purposes.

The medium requires periodic cleaning with an appropriate regenerate such as alum or acid so that it continues to work with the same effectiveness for a long time.

Activated Alumina Manufacturer

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Our expertise in the filter media domain is backed by an experience of several decades. Our staff is qualified and well trained to provide you with all the technical assistance you may need. Irrespective of the size of a project, we offer competitive prices and timely freight delivery.

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Starke Filter Media offers you the best Fluoride Removal Media

Starke activated alumina is a filter media made by treating ore so that it becomes porous and highly adsorptive. In addition to that, we follow multiple quality review steps to deliver you the product of superlative category.

Our activated alumina shows a low attrition rate and has a relatively long life when compared to others available in the market. This means you don’t have to change your filter frequently and incur unnecessary maintenance costs.

Aiming to meet all kinds of requirements, we offer several variants of high-standard activated alumina balls for water treatment projects at all scales.

Since 1938, Starke Filter Media has been one of the widely recognized manufacturers for water filtering solutions in the country. We are known for our quality, consistency and dependability. Our knowledge in the filter media industry is powered by our expert professionals and decades of experience in the business.

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