Anthracite Filter Media


Anthracite is a type of mineral coal which is high on carbon content and low on impurities. That is why it works as a highly dependable filter media. It makes the most cost-effective and durable filter beds with a wide temperature range. When compared to single media filter beds such as filter sand, anthracite offers an advantage. Fr example, an oil impurity can make backwash cycle longer by making it difficult to clean it.

With a low uniformity coefficient, it not only offers an extended life of the filter, but it also ensures better flow rates by performing minorvariations in effluent turbidity in case of extreme influent turbidity.

Anthracite Manufacturer

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Starke Filter Media is a leading Manufacturer for Anthracite filter media in India. To get the same day quote.

If you are looking for any technical support or have any questions regarding anthracite, our expert team is always there to help. We undertake all types of projects irrespective of the size and assure you of a competitive price and in-time delivery.

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Starke anthracite offers you a better value than others.

Stark Aquacare Technologies has been providing high-quality water solutions for all purposes since 1938. We procure the highest quality coal to procure anthracite so that its hardness and performance remains for a long time.

From procurement to shipment, our robust quality control process testing enables our product to meet your specifications and expectations precisely.

Below are the key advantages Starke offers you with Anthracite Filter Media

  • It is produced from the highest quality anthracite.
  • It is significantly more efficient than other anthracite types.
  • Lower uniformity coefficient assures minimal head loss and extended filter life.
  • Our anthracite filter has the ability to work with any multi-media filter.
  • With our filter, there is absolutely no interference of silica in the production process.
  • There is no need for chemicals for regular maintenance of the filter.
  • We run a comprehensive quality check to ensure hardness, consistency and performance.
  • It requires shorter backwash cycles save a considerable amount of time and water.

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We can provide anthracite filter media in any size you are looking for. The packaging is available in 25 kg bags, 50 kg bags, 500 kg super sacks.