How to check the quality of the activated carbon ?

How to check the quality of the activated carbon ?

In the field of environmental management, activated carbon is a key player in treating water. Different types of carbon products have varying abilities to get rid of unwanted stuff. Many factors affect how good the activated carbon is. So, it’s important to check its quality before choosing it.

To see how well-activated carbon can remove bad things, it’s not just about how much it weighs. Another way to check is by looking at how much it can absorb. This is called its adsorption capacity. The higher the adsorption capacity, the better it works.

There are two strict tests from ASTM and the carbon industry to check how well reactivated and new carbon products work:


  1. Iodine Adsorption Test (ASTM D460): This test checks a wet mixture of activated carbon and gives a number between 800 and 1200 mg/g. The higher the number, the better the carbon is at adsorbing.
  1. Carbon Tetrachloride Adsorption Test: This test measures vapor and gives a number between 45% and 70%.


Effective Chlorine Removal: Chlorine in water isn’t harmful, but it can change how the water smells and tastes. Carbons are tested to see how well they can remove chlorine. This is measured from 5 parts per million (ppm) to 3.5 ppm. A shorter time to remove chlorine is better.

So, when you are buying activated carbon, make sure you know its adsorption numbers.

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