Garnet Filter Media Advantages

Garnet Filter Media Advantages

Garnet is mined from almandite and andradite mineral deposits in Australia, and India. In its natural state, garnet is a semi-precious stone. Once extracted, it is washed, processed and screened to the necessary grade as per the usage.

High specific gravity allows unique filter design

In combination with other filter medias, higher flow rates, higher loading and better filtration can be achieved

High hardness reduces attrition and provides for years of reliable service

An excellent support bed for other high density medias


Garnet Applications :

Aircraft Manufacturing

Aluminum Polishing


Coating Prep

Water Treatment

Oil Filtration

Denim Blasting

Drill Pipe Cleaning

Hangar Decks

Hydroblast Cleaning

Industrial Painting

Marine, Shipyards, Ships, Shipbuilding


Rust Removal


Waterjet Cutting


Ordering Details:

MOQ:  5 Tons 

Grades: Most popular grades are 12/24 , 20/40 , 20/60 and 30/60 mesh.

Packaging:  Varies from 25 Kg bags to 1 ton Jumbo bags

Pricing Quotes:   Ask us for a free custom quote for you.

Shipping Location:  Varies depending on where you want the delivery

You can mail us your requirements on

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