9 Ways to Remove Iron From Water

9 Ways to Remove Iron From Water

Iron in water is a very common problem and there are a couple of ways to remove it from water. The problem is that many times people looking for iron water treatment systems end up buying iron water filtering systems that are ineffective. This article will briefly explain ways to remove this mineral from water according to the type of iron in the water.

Before we look at the types of treatment, we need to know that the types or iron fall into 2 main categories.

A) Soluble Form known as Ferris Iron

B) Insoluble Form known as ferrous iron. This includes organic iron. Within this insoluble form is iron bacteria.

Ways to Remove Iron From Water

1. Aeration: The method of putting oxygen into the water source to convert the mineral from soluble to insoluble form.

2. Iron Filtration: A system is used to trap and filter away oxidized bits of iron.3.

3. Water Softener: Ion replacement of Calcium and Magnesium through a chemical matrix of sodium ions

4. Manganese Greensand – This filtration system involves a chemical oxidation reduction process of soluble iron and helps to filter this new insoluble form.

5. Catalytic Filtration – This is a granular filter medium that increases the reaction of oxygen and iron to form a substance which is then filtered

6. Ozonation – This is a type of aeration treatment system which converts the soluble form of the mineral into it’s insoluble form.

7. Ion Exchange – Replacing soluble iron with an ion such as sodium

8. Sequestering – A term used to describe the addition of chemicals to stop metals such as iron from mixing and causing the typical staining problems.

9. Chlorination – Used to kill iron bacteria or is used to convert the ferric iron into the ferrous iron form which is the filterable form.

The type of treatment is thus determined by the levels and type of the mineral in the water. It is best to get your water tested by a professional body instead of drawing your own conclusions.

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